Within our construction sites, each employee plays an essential role in the success of our projects, as their collective efforts form the central pillar upon which Groupe Maco’s reputation rests. Our teams, equipped with a multitude of skills, reflect our years of experience in both simple projects and ambitious large-scale endeavors.


Groupe MACO leverages its experienced teams of skilled pipefitters and welders to implement optimal solutions for manufacturing, handling, and installing complex piping systems with unparalleled precision. Whether it involves assembling in the workshop or executing on-site installations, our teams are fully equipped to handle the most technical and challenging situations, irrespective of the materials or alloys used.


With an enviable track record in civil works, we take great pride in showcasing remarkable agility when confronted with the most intricate and delicate challenges, a feat that has solidified our reputation in the industry. Our approach involves implementing innovative and secure operational strategies, tailored to adapt to the unique characteristics and environmental factors surrounding each civil project. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, our field teams are dedicated to turning your boldest projects into reality without any compromise.


Equipped with all the necessary skills, our boilermaking specialists excel in the installation and maintenance of various essential components, including storage tanks, pressure vessels, furnaces, dust collection systems, boilers, heat exchangers, rotary kilns, and other types of process equipment. Their expertise extends to handling and setting up heavy equipment with precision and care. Each project is executed in adherence to the strictest quality and safety standards, ensuring the utmost reliability and efficiency in their work.

Mechanical and millwrithing

At Groupe MACO, our skilled mechanics handle the assembly, commissioning, and maintenance of a wide array of equipment while upholding the most stringent design and quality standards. This encompasses conveyors, bucket elevators, crushers, shredders, textile/cardboard/paper machines, diverse process equipment, rolling mills, automated packaging and storage systems, steam and gas turbines, compressors, pumps, generators, and overhead cranes.
To achieve impeccable positioning and alignment, our mechanics utilize precision equipment tailored to the unique needs of your operations. This meticulous approach allows us to meet even the most demanding tolerances, ensuring optimal performance and reliability in all your industrial machinery and systems.

Steel structures

Groupe MACO is a leading expert in diverse construction, modification, and refurbishment works concerning steel structures. Our passionate and versatile steel erector teams shine in erecting metal frames and installing structural or secondary steel accessories, be it in construction sites or operational facilities. They also demonstrate mastery in handling metal bridge decks, showcasing exceptional skills in this specialized area.

In all these interventions, we uphold a no-compromise approach to craftsmanship, recognizing that such projects demand extensive expertise and a profound understanding of safe working techniques and procedures. Our commitment to delivering top-notch results ensures that every steel structure project is executed with the highest level of proficiency and safety.

Directional Drilling

Our team of experts and partners is capable of conquering any challenge that comes our way, making all types of drilling work possible. Our expertise is a result of successfully executing numerous large-scale projects, where mastering the soil was undeniably the most critical aspect. With a guided and precise approach, we possess the ability to anticipate and overcome obstacles, ensuring the swift completion of your projects while upholding environmental preservation.

Utilizing highly productive and versatile directional drilling techniques, we can avoid the headaches and complications associated with traditional excavation methods. This innovative approach streamlines the process and allows us to achieve efficient and effective results for your projects.