Combining versatility and performance, our teams provide our clients with recognized expertise and services known for their unique reliability. Under the guidance of highly technical supervision that distinguishes Groupe Maco in the sectors it operates in, our team members diligently carry out each mandate within the specified timeframe, regardless of its complexity.

General contractor

When you choose to entrust us with the management or implementation of your project, you will swiftly witness the unparalleled expertise that defines Groupe MACO. Our team’s unwavering commitment and passion create a powerful synergy that propels us forward. The success of our projects rests on the foundation of trust we establish with our clients, as well as the extensive network of dependable subcontractors with well-established reputations that we can rely on.

Industrial construction

Groupe MACO has earned an enviable reputation in the realm of industrial construction, thanks to its highly experienced multidisciplinary teams. Whether it involves constructing a new factory, expanding an existing production unit, or modernizing the facilities, our company is renowned for its expertise in these endeavors.

Industrial maintenance and plant shutdowns

The performance of your equipment directly impacts the profitability of your production. Consequently, proper maintenance of your machinery is a crucial aspect of operational planning. Our dedicated industrial maintenance teams work closely with you to coordinate all interventions, whether during planned maintenance or unforeseen shutdowns of your production units. Our goal is to ensure a swift resumption of operations under the best possible conditions, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Construction and maintenance of gas systems

In this sector of activity, a well-established know-how and technical expertise are essential. The construction and maintenance of infrastructures, including networks, related facilities, and plants, heavily rely on the technological proficiency mastered by each member of our specialized teams in the field.

Manufacturing of piping systems and industrial process modules

Our comprehensive manufacturing services are designed to fulfill all your needs, including on-site installation. Within our workshop, we possess the capability to fabricate customized piping systems and carry out module assembly. This allows us to offer a wide spectrum of activities, ranging from manufacturing to commissioning equipment for diverse process types, all under one convenient service.

Engineering, manufacturing, installation, and repair of tanks

At Groupe MACO, we provide services dedicated to enhancing your liquid or bulk product storage solution. Our specialized storage teams are well-equipped to handle the entire process, from design and manufacturing to on-site installation of these facilities. Additionally, in the event of any damages, we are fully capable of carrying out repairs to ensure the seamless functioning of your storage facilities.

Turnkey projects

With the proficiency of our teams and an extensive network of seasoned collaborators, Groupe MACO excels in executing your turnkey projects with resounding success. We place particular emphasis on understanding and addressing the specific requirements and implementation stages necessary for the seamless completion of your projects.