Groupe Maco offers multidisciplinary expertise and a comprehensive range of integrated services to address the specific needs of each industry sector, providing complete support throughout the life cycle of industrial construction and maintenance projects.


Energy and civil works

Leveraging more than 15 years of expertise in various civil and mechanical works, we possess the capability to tackle a wide array of diverse, intricate, and ambitious projects. Our teams are equipped with the essential technical skills and unwavering precision needed for energy-related endeavors, including gas, renewable, hydroelectric, wind, thermal, and nuclear projects, ensuring that we deliver exceptional service tailored to your needs.

and security

Chemicals and petrochemicals

At Groupe Maco, we cater to your requirements for constructing, renovating, and maintaining production units with a strong commitment to the highest safety and environmental protection standards. Our dedicated approach also takes into account your unique specifications. The proficiency and know-how of our teams empower us to meet the most stringent quality standards demanded in this sector of activity.


Mining and metallurgy

Mastering the challenges posed by geography, climate, and logistics is crucial in the mining and metallurgical sectors. At our company, we possess the expertise and precision needed to excel in planning and executing large mining projects, even in the face of complex logistics and meticulous coordination requirements. Our capabilities enable us to handle these challenges with brilliance and ensure successful project outcomes.

and precision


In the fiercely competitive manufacturing sector, maintaining high standards of productivity and efficiency is imperative. Our teams boast unparalleled expertise and experience, equipping them to tackle the challenges of your market with confidence. Whether it involves ongoing operations, works in progress, or planned shutdowns, we are well-prepared to meet and exceed expectations.