Becoming a part of Groupe MACO means joining a vast team of highly skilled and enthusiastic individuals who are committed to excellence, mutual respect, and sustainability in all our endeavors. We foster a close-knit and supportive environment where everyone has the opportunity to flourish. If you aspire to contribute to the satisfaction of our valued partners and play a significant role in building strong bonds of trust, then we have a place for you.

Come and embrace the spirit of ‘building with pride’ by joining our exceptional team. Together, we can achieve remarkable feats and make a positive impact as we work passionately to create a better future. Join us and be a part of a heck of a team!

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A dynamic and modern work environment

A young team and a climate focused on the advancement of each individual

Group health insurance

A deferred profit-sharing plan (DPSP)


A pleasant and family-oriented corporate culture

A healthy and respectful living environment

An atmosphere where adrenaline and team spirit are ever-present

Diversity and constant challenges that drive us to exceed ourselves

Our values

The strength of the collective

At Groupe MACO, we believe that a good idea holds value, regardless of its source. We foster a culture that disregards hierarchy and continually strives to find the most effective approach in all our endeavors. Our pursuit is to constantly aim higher, do better, and improve as individuals, as a team, and as a company. This guiding principle fuels our daily activities.

Working together, we become more relevant and impactful, creating an environment where everyone has a meaningful role and contributes to making a real difference. As a united team, we recognize the power of collaboration, allowing us to achieve remarkable outcomes that benefit not only our company but also the communities and industries we serve.

Kindness, everywhere and towards everyone

At Groupe MACO, our community, colleagues, and partners are of utmost importance, and we hold their well-being and satisfaction in high regard. Our passion and dedication drive us to achieve success in each of our projects, and the sense of pride derived from these accomplishments is immeasurable. Nevertheless, above all else, the well-being, health, and safety of our employees, who serve as proud ambassadors of our team, will forever be our topmost priority. Their welfare is the foundation that allows us to thrive and excel in all that we do.

Complete and unreserved transparency

We take pride in guaranteeing ease and freedom in our actions, while upholding a strong commitment to ethics and honesty. These core values play a significant role in establishing and maintaining the trust we have with our partners. By consistently acting with integrity and staying true to our promises, we understand the importance of being accountable for the decisions we make. Such principles serve as the bedrock of our business conduct and reinforce our dedication to building enduring and trustworthy relationships with all those we work with.

Flexibility, always and at all times

At Groupe MACO, we embrace adaptability to respond promptly and effectively to your demands. We proactively seize opportunities to enhance our performance and ensure the success of our endeavors. Whenever faced with a challenge, issue, or concern, we are not afraid to pause and step back to gain deeper insights and understanding. This approach lays the groundwork for crafting constructive and tailored solutions to the problems we encounter, enabling us to overcome obstacles with innovation and precision. Our commitment to constant improvement drives us to deliver the best outcomes for our clients and partners.

Daring to take initiatives, a winning distinction

In our company, we consider ourselves as ‘entrepreneurial ambassadors’ in every action and decision we take. This mindset is reflected in the eagerness of each employee to embrace various challenges, regardless of their role within the organization. By fostering a culture of innovation and utilizing the talents and leadership of every team member, we are driven to create a positive impact and make a difference. This collective drive adds invaluable value to our partners, as they benefit from a team that is passionate, proactive, and determined to achieve exceptional results.

Unsolicited job application

Are you interested in joining our team, but there isn’t a job opening that precisely aligns with your profile at the moment? Don’t let that deter you from applying, as we don’t want to miss the opportunity to get to know you. We value every potential team member and encourage you to submit your application. We are always eager to meet talented individuals who can contribute to our heck of a team!