We aspire to a green future

At Groupe Maco, we exist to contribute to the development of construction works, the community, and the people who make up our organization. We are committed to shaping a future where construction is in harmony with the environment. Conscious of our impact, we take a sustainable approach to minimizing greenhouse gas emissions, managing waste efficiently and using natural resources wisely. Our commitment to eco-responsible construction reflects our values and our desire to preserve our planet for future generations.

At the same time, we are committed to supporting our local community and promoting progress and inclusion. By prioritizing responsible sourcing and actively supporting social initiatives, we help create an environment where everyone can flourish. Within our team, we place well-being at the heart of our concerns, offering a stimulating environment to encourage the development of each individual’s potential. Cultural diversity is an integral part of our DNA, enriching our group and strengthening our ability to realize our eco-responsible vision.


The foundation of our commitment comes from our ECORESPONSABLETM certification obtained from the Council of Sustainable Industries (CSI). This certification requires that we maintain an Ecoresponsible Committee and allocate the resources needed to achieve the objectives of our Ecoresponsible Strategic Plan. An evolving approach, focused on the constant improvement of our internal processes, supported by the management team, will make it possible to implement promising initiatives that are consistent with our business strategy. Groupe Maco is committed to complying with the legal regulations applicable in the country or countries in which we operate.



construction projects
in line with our values

We are fully aware of the impact of our activities on the environment, which is why we adopt a sustainable approach. By working proactively with our partners, we aim to minimize greenhouse gas emissions, optimize waste management and make efficient use of natural resources. Our aim is to build a sustainable future in harmony with our planet.


an economy that supports 
and strengthens the community

As a corporate citizen of our region, we are proud to support the local economy and promote responsible sourcing, while continuing to maintain our activities that aim to have a positive social impact in the community. Our commitment is not limited to the economic aspect. We also play an essential role in promoting progress and inclusion, by actively supporting our community and the many social organizations that make it up. In this way, we create an environment of sharing that is conducive to personal fulfillment.


personal development 
within our team

Our human capital is our greatest asset. We place well-being at the heart of our concerns, knowing that the people who make up our team are the true architects of our success. By offering them a stimulating work environment that fosters creativity, we encourage them to develop their full potential. We are convinced that happy, fulfilled employees become the best ambassadors of our achievements. Our Group is enriched by integration and cultural diversity, facets of our DNA.