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En sécurité avec fierté



From the very beginning at Groupe MACO, our motto has been En sécurité, avec fierté (working safely, with pride). For us, that’s a formal commitment to our clients and, above all, to our employees. We consider worksite safety to be of the utmost importance. It is our top priority, and everyone needs to be aware of the basic and specific concepts of working in a high-risk environment. We’re required to work in different environments every single day, which is why we provide all of our team members with special training and make sure to remind them regularly of appropriate safety methods. This is also why we’re proud to embrace our motto.

Environmental respect and protection are also our priority and part of the core values of Groupe MACO. We pride ourselves in always implementing the best environmental practices and in complying with the highest environmental standards. We can thus identify, prevent and master environmental risks and have a positive contribution in terms of sustainable development.

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